Cheers! (Not the Alcoholic Kind)

Guys. School starts tomorrow!


My face is exfoliated, my eyebrows are plucked, my syllabi are read (sort of), my backpack is stocked (with snacks), and my alarm is set. I. Am. Pumped. Tomorrow, I will be an actual real-life college student with real-life college classes and real-life (scary) college professors, and tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have real-life college blisters after running from one end of campus to the other in fifteen minutes. I’m anticipating that these college courses will be like a breath of fresh air after four years of being trapped in a prison-like high school for 7 hours a day. (However, I haven’t actually started classes yet. I may blog tomorrow about how horrendous college is… updates to come.)

And of course, coming hand-in-hand with my first day excitement would be the infamous first day jitters. A subtle anxiety is coursing through my blood as I type these words, an anxiety that constantly asks questions like “What if I can’t get that 3.5?” and “What if I hate social work?” and “What do I do if I have to go to the bathroom during class?” (To be honest, I’m most stressed about the latter.) All of these questions are buzzing around in my head, but I think I’ll be able to sleep easy tonight knowing that Jesus has got my back every step of the way.

Truthfully, I ask myself nearly every day if I’m even sort of cut out for a life and career filled with constantly serving and loving other people, and sometimes I wear myself out with stress and worry for the road ahead of me. Deep down, though, I know that it doesn’t matter whether I’m cut out to be a social worker or not because God is going to give me the strength and skills I need to do what He has planned for me to do, and I know that He will mold me in accordance to His will. Even though I’m slightly terrified of the future that awaits me, I know that I am doing what He has called me to do, and I find comfort in that because God sort of knows what He’s doing. (Sort of.)

(Just kidding.) (He, like, legitimately does know.) (Legitimately.)

Anywho, I think it’s about time for me to end this post because my roommate just went to sleep, and I don’t want to be that roommate who’s obnoxiously writing a wannabe-hipster Christian blog post at midnight. Yeah, I definitely don’t want to be that roommate. 

For all of my fellow college students also starting new classes tomorrow, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Cheers to the new year! 





2 thoughts on “Cheers! (Not the Alcoholic Kind)

  1. Congratulations on your foray into the world of college! First days are always nerve-wrecking, but kudos on reading your syllabi beforehand! Obtaining that 3.5 GPA is definitely possible, and if you want some tips on how to do it, please check out my blog: . Good luck, and I’m sure that you’ll do well! 🙂

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