The Search for College Lindsey

Good afternoon, my readers! Llamalindsey is back at last!

In case you can’t tell by that lame intro, I never know how to start these things (these “posts” on this “blog”). Maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged in, like, over a month. By the way, I’m truly sorry for leaving y’all hanging like that. I have found that college leaves little time or mental capacity for blogging (or I’m just not willing to sacrifice nap time for blog time), but nonetheless, I’m going to do my best to come to you guys with stories and chatter and everything in between!

I’ve just begun my 10th week of college, and let me tell ya, lots has happened in those 10 weeks. You got a preview of those happenings in my last post (assuming I have real-life readers actually keeping up with this blog), but I think that God has been doing too much in my life for me to not write a follow-up post. Like David said in Psalm 23:5, my cup overflows with blessings (21st century version: His blessings wrap around me like a burrito). God has been so good to me, and it would probably be an injustice to Him to not proclaim my thankfulness. The transition from High School Lindsey to College Lindsey would not have been so smooth had the Lord not been my guiding light through the darkness.

The part about that transition from high school to college that I have personally found the most difficult is finding a “place” – your niche, where you fit in, etc. There is, like, a Mt. Everest sized amount of pressure put on incoming freshmen to make friends and do so quickly, and this is what tripped me up when I got to college. I was torn between wanting to be where God wanted me to be and wanting to fit in and have lots of friends. I found out about a “service sorority” on campus and immediately thought yaaaaaas! This is where I’m supposed to be! I thought this sorority was my way to the world. I was going to have lots of friends (nay, SISTAS), I was going to have a “big,” AND I was going to get to be a goody two-shoes while doing it all! I was GIDDY with excitement.

Of course, I don’t think God really saw it that way because after that stressful week of recruitment I ended up not getting a bid from the sorority. Ouch. Following this was an influx of self-pity: Why didn’t they like me? What’s wrong with me? What do those girls have that I don’t? (Obviously, handling rejection isn’t really one of my strong suits.) Eventually, I just had to come to terms with the fact that God didn’t want me to be in that sorority. I was (still am) pretty bummed that I didn’t get that opportunity, but I think God has got me covered.

Just kidding, I know He’s got me covered. That ship may have sailed on, but God has since blessed me in abundance. IN ABUNDANCE, Y’ALL. Firstly, He gave me a pretty awesome roomie. Her name is Lydia, and her favorite color is purple, which is pretty fitting for a Lydia. I was worried that she would smell really bad, but thankfully, she doesn’t. Most of the time, anyways. (Kidding!) Secondly, I have THE most awesome Bible Study in the UNIVERSE. SEE PICTURE!

Bible study or upcoming girl pop phenomenon? Time will tell. (Photo creds to one of my really cool B-Stud leaders SAWYER SMITH. She has a blog somewhere! Check it out!)
Bible study or upcoming girl pop phenomenon? Time will tell. (Photo creds to one of my really cool B-Stud leaders, SAWYER SMITH! She has a blog somewhere! Check it out!)

In high school, I had a small group that I loved to death, and I’m so happy that in college I get that small group experience once more. But yeah, I love my Bible study BUNCHES. We’re, like, really conceptual. Really.

I’m not sure why exactly God closed the door to that sorority, but I’m thankful that He never closes one door without opening another. I’ve gotten to grow closer to my roommate who inspires me with her pure heart and loyalty to Him; I’ve gotten to study His Word with several amazing B-Stud girls. I’ve also had the opportunity to get really involved with a campus ministry, Cru (which is how I got hooked up with my Bible study!). I loooooooooove Cru. (The first time I went to Cru and I saw the multitude of Chaco-clad feet amongst the “Oceans”-singing crowd, I knew I had found my people.)

So yeah, I had a hard time figuring out who College Lindsey was supposed to be. Turns out she’s just High School Lindsey with more friends and harder classes (and meaner professors). But here’s the thing about College Lindsey and High School Lindsey: they’re both children of God, and that’s the identity that will never change. Maybe that’s what God has been trying to teach me: that my identity isn’t found in what pack I run with, it’s found in Him. I can get rejected by all the sororities in the world (something I could totally pull off), but my value and my identity wouldn’t change one bit because that stuff doesn’t define me. That was a difficult lesson to learn in this world that screams the exact opposite, that only cares about what letters you wear, who your friends are, what parties you go to. However, I’m thankful that I learned this early on in my college experience, and I’m thankful that I have value and love that can never be altered by the things of this world.

So yeah, I think I’ll be alright, even without a sorority.

However, will I ever learn how to really do my laundry the right way? Looks sketchy.

More College Lindsey adventures to come,



One thought on “The Search for College Lindsey

  1. Shelley

    Our small group was just a stepping stone for what the Lord has planned for you. CollegeLindsey seems to be finding her way one prayer at a time. Love you girl and thanks for sharing your blog.

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