Recent developments in Llama’s life:

  • I’ve taken to referring to myself in the third person as “Llama.”
  • Ya girl made all A’s last semester! College isn’t even hard. *laughs/cries*
  • I’ve taken up cross-stitching! (Roomie made fun of me all last semester for it, but guess who’s cross-stitchin’ now?????? YUP, there’s a stitcher in everyone.)
  • Also, I’m a vegetarian now, but I’m really bad at it. Like, sometimes I eat chicken and don’t even realize until 20 minutes after-the-fact that chicken is meat.
  • Mumford and Sons announced a new album and dropped two dope singles – which is more a development in their lives rather than mine, but I would say my life has been changed for the better because of this development.
  • I’m going to ENGLAND, y’all.

And in other news, my eyebrows are still on fleek, my boyfriend still tolerates me, and God is still good. It’s been, like, a couple of years since this blog has gotten some lovin’ so I had to get those formalities out of the way. I haven’t posted a real-life blog post in so long that I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten how to do it. However, I’ve reconciled myself to writing actual blog posts (no matter how terrible) rather than writing sad half-posts that will never graduate from drafts to posts. Like, seriously, my “drafts” folder is gloomily overstuffed, and I need to put a stop to that madness.

Life has been so crazy/fun/stressful/GOOD lately, and I can’t just not share it – OKAY, my knee just bumped into the bottom of the tabletop, and there is definitely an old piece of chewed-up gum stuck on my leg now. FREAKING OUT. HOLD ON.

Okay, crisis averted. (But, look, I just wanna say that if you stick your gum onto the bottom of tables, you need to not.)

Where was I? Alright, well, basically, life has been so jam-packed with awesomeness lately, and it deserves to be SHARED! My family, boyfriend, “SQUAD,” college, and God are all providing me with new blessings every day, and even though Llamalindsey is read by little more than those people, those blessings are so worthy of being shared for everyone to read about.

SO, sharing is coming! (Not now, though… it’s definitely time to procrastinate with some good ‘ole cross-stitchin’.) This blog is gonna get some serious lovin’, and it sure is about time.

Llama is back, y’all.


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