Summer Lovin’ (Thy Neighborhood)

Junior year of college.

Also known as the time in your college career when you should start thinking about “serious” things. Working on your thesis, looking at grad schools, nabbing internships – those sorts of things.

SO, can we just throw some praises up to the Lord that I’m over halfway through my junior year and haven’t had a major breakdown yet??? PTL, y’all.

About six months ago, in September, I was doin’ as I do and worrying about things I shouldn’t waste time worrying about and looking for potential summer internships. I heard about this one program, Love Thy Neighborhood, from both my roomie and my boyfriend. I checked it out, and y’all, it was love at first sight. The program’s tagline is “Social Justice Internships and Christian Community” – literaLLY??? I was sold.

And even though I knew it was frickin’ crazy, I felt like I HAD to apply right then and there. Even though the deadline to apply was still, like, 7 months away, I felt that I needed to apply that night. In hindsight, I gotta believe that those feelings of urgency came from God pushing me towards this internship.

So, I applied. And, like, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen for a while, right? I figured I’d have time to explore other options before I heard anything back. LOL, well, I had an interview with the Recruitment Manager less than 2 weeks later.

I really, really thought I botched it, y’all. I totally wrote it off and moved on because I thought that I made a really bad impression in the interview. BUT a big, fat, manilla envelope showed up at my house a week later, and I was accepted!!!


I was pretty hype.

UNTIL my dumb brain started overthinking everything (per usual), and I started hardcore doubting whether or not I should commit to this program. Like, summer was still 9 months away at this point, and I was going to commit to the first internship I’d applied for?? I was *real* scared of support raising, and I had no idea if this program was even right for me.

I think I had a week or two to make a decision, and I was strugglin’ to sign that contract. I’d been praying about it a lot, though, because I knew that I wanted to be there if God wanted me to be there. I went to church one Sunday morning (October 2nd, if we’re tryna be exact), and my pastor ended his sermon with Acts 2:42-47. This hit me so hard, guys, because I’d just read the LTN handbook, which highlighted the program’s Biblical roots in Acts 2:42-47. Maybe it doesn’t even seem like a big deal if you’re reading this now, but I was SHOOK. My spirit felt so stirred, and I kNeW that LTN was where I was supposed to be over the summer. I signed the contract after church that day, and I felt so at peace about my decision.

Since accepting the internship, I’ve still had some doubts and anxieties crop up, but God has silenced every single one of them and reaffirmed over and over again that I need to be in Louisville this summer, serving full-time with this organization. Honestly, I’m still scared outta my dang mind, because I know that I’m gonna be pushed so far out of my comfort zone and have to love a lot of people that may be hard to love. I’m also gonna be socializing, like, 24/7 which probably scares me the *most*. BUT, I know that these worries are so insignificant compared to what God is going to do this summer and the tremendous amount of growth (and super fun) I’m going to experience.

And, y’all, I *know* that God is going to bring the support in. It’s been like a one billion trillion mile journey to even get to a place where I can say that with peace in my heart. But, I’ve been constantly referring back to Proverbs 3:5 and trying my very, very hardest to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. And trust me, my understanding is pretty whack and constantly tells me that I do not know enough people who are willing to support this mission and that there’s no way in h*ck that I’m gonna bring in $2,700 with the resources I have. However – the really stinkin’ beautiful thing about it is that I’m not going to bring in that $2,700. I’m so incapable of doing that, but God is so, so, so capable of doing that and so much more. If I end up meeting that fundraising goal, it sure ain’t gonna be because I did it; 10000000% of that credit will go to God.

So, here I am: prepping for a really killer summer, getting ready to be a full-time servant dutifully loving on people in Louisville. I sent out my first support letters on Wednesday, and I’m so excited to ~finally~ get this thing going.


Through Love Thy Neighborhood, I’ll be spending roughly 30 hours each week serving at one of their partner agencies, Louisville Rescue Mission. LRM is a Christ-centered homeless outreach ministry, and I’m actually stoked to be working alongside such a beautiful organization. When I’m not at LRM, I’ll be focusing on building intentional relationships with my fellow LTN team members (some of whom I’ll be living with in Louisville) and my neighbors + community members. Love Thy Neighborhood also emphasizes spiritual growth, so I’ll be spending a ton of time tending to my spirit and intentionally seeking and learning about the Lord. Basically, it’s gonna be JAM-PACKED, and I’m gonna have *plenty* of stuff to write + post about.

The folks at Love Thy Neighborhood offer such an incredible opportunity to young people through this program, and I’m so thankful that God led me here. I’m scared/excited/overwhelmed/giddy/anxious/FREAKIN’ OUT, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Please stay tuned for this adventure that is to come!!! And, if you’re interested in financially supporting me, I cannot even express how grateful I am for your kind soul!!! You can give online here! (Or, if you’d like to receive a real-life support letter, please message me, and I’ll make that happen!) If you’re interested in supporting me and are unable to give financially, God knows that this girl needs some serious prayers for this mission – prayers that I would step outside of my comfort zone, be a light for the Lord in dark places, be diligent in obedience to Him, and love unconditionally.

I’m so scared, and I’m so excited. I’m a mess, honestly. And I’m totally bringing you guys (aka the readers of this blog, I pretend like there’s an army of you) along for every up and down and high and low, so get ready. May 30th!!!


Lengthy (Re)introductions

So, I decided to start blogging again. (!!!) And actual years have passed, y’all.

Actual. Years.

It’s no secret that I’m an incredibly inconsistent blogger, but I feel like I’ve reached a new level this time. (Is there, like, a medal for this??)

Usually, whenever I decide to drag this blog out from the depths of the internet, I follow a certain framework for this awkward Hey-I’m-Back post:

  1. Apologize profusely for abandoning the massive audience of readers that I like to imagine I have
  2. Write stuff??

Well, would y’all be okay if we just skipped the first part today? If you look closely, I think you can see my apologies etched in the words I’m writing now. We’re good, right?


So… hello again, internet! It feels good to be back.

The last time I wrote on this sweet lil blog was April 2015, and I was finishing up my freshman year of college! Man, y’all, things have changed since then. I finished my freshman year strong, and sophomore year consisted of arguably one of my lowest valleys and one of my highest mountains. The valley? I like to call it my “death semester.” I got my first B… aaaaaaand it would have been a C, had it not been for my professor’s grace. (Don’t laugh – getting a B is like hitting a brick wall for this human.) The B definitely wasn’t the only thing to go wrong that semester, but by the grace of God, I made it through without losing *all* my crap.

The mountain? Well, it’s actually a continent, and I like to call it EUROPE. That’s right, I CLIMBED THAT MOUNTAIN, Y’ALL. Somehow, everything fell into place, and I got to spend an entire semester living in England and gallivanting around Europe. It was so dreamy, guys. Even when I missed a train, threw up on a plane, spent waaaay too much money, ran through airports, sat through really awkward and tense we-have-spent-way-too-much-time-together-and-I-want-to-kill-you dinners with my best friends – it was all dreamy. (Like, in the moment, throwing up on a crowded airplane really, really sucked, but I mean, I’d eat churros in Barcelona again. Because, um, dreamy.) I traveled to 8 countries, flew on about 20 airplanes (jumped out of one, too!!!), and rode on about 30 different trains. I grew up a lot. I fell in love with learning all over again, I figured out how to do hard things by myself, I calmly navigated some really panicky situations, I thankfully learned about alcohol very far away from America’s culture of excess. LONG STORY SHORT, I went to Europe. I bought a lot of mugs. It was so much fun that I probably wouldn’t have come back if it were legal.

So, I’m back in America now, but you KNOW that I’m drinkin’ out of my European mugs on the daily. Last semester was a balanced mixture of some highs and some lows, and I cannot believe that I’ve only got 3 semesters of college left. When did I get old??? I mean, guys, I just moved into my very first apartment, and last night, I made CHILI. Like, I HAD TO BUY GROUND BEEF AND COOK IT IN A PAN THAT I OWN AND THEN USE IT TO MAKE CHILI IN A POT THAT I ALSO OWN. THEN I ATE IT, AND BEHOLD, IT WAS GOOD. I took a selfie with my chili and sent it to my mom because I was so proud of my chili that only required four ingredients and at least twenty help-me-I’m-not-old-enough-to-make-chili-yet texts to my mom. (By the way – can we just appreciate housing scholarships?? Like, I’m living in an apartment with its own LAUNDRY ROOM. And GRANITE COUNTERTOPS. And I have no idea how much those things cost in real life!!! But this I know: I am going to be a social worker, and my precious chili will probably never again be spilled on a granite countertop.)

So – I’ve moved into a cushy apartment with fancy countertops, and my first class of spring semester only lasted about 30 minutes. I would say this semester is off to a pretty hot start, y’all. I’ve got a TON up my sleeve for this next chapter of my life. A few highlights: I’m taking New Testament, and I’m *so* excited to learn about the Bible + dive into the New Testament in an academic setting. I’m kicking off my thesis research, too! (I’m actually terrified, but I’m determined to create something that’ll rock your socks off.) Also, I’m gearing up for a really incredible summer internship! I’ll have more deets to come, but trust me, you’re gonna hear way too much about it.

It’s only Day One, but I feel good, y’all. I haven’t seen it in writing, but I’m *pretty* sure the second semester of junior year is supposed to be one for the books. I’m gonna do my best to make this semester its own kind of dreamy, so I’m counting on you guys to hold me accountable on this whole blogging thing. Just, like, find me and give me a really solid whack over the head if I slack on the posts.

It feels good to be back, y’all.

Your girl,


A Little Dose of Honesty

I am struggling today.

And I mean struggling, y’all. Let me tell ya, I’ve been blessed with a plethora of struggles in life – like pimples and insomnia and trying to not look like I just ran a marathon after going up only two flights of stairs (too many Oreos, y’all). However, I’m talking about a different kind of strugglin’ today.

This is the kind of struggling where my spirit feels burdened, and my heart feels heavy.

It’s always hard for me to admit, especially to God, that I am struggling with sin in my life. There’s this lil picture that I’ve come across on Twitter at least 48847234 times in tweets that usually look something like this:

When I see these tweets, my insides are like, “I feel dat, homie.” I resonate with that spiffy, coffee-drinking dog in the picture (even though I think coffee might just be watered-down tar) because I have a strong tendency to compartmentalize my sins and trick myself into thinking that everything is just dandy – when in reality, everything is very not dandy.

Lately, though, my sins have been much heavier than usual; I’ve found myself dealing with much more burdensome sins. And guys, I’m feelin’ that burden. It’s weighing heavily on my soul, and worst of all, it’s polluting my spirit.

You see, I recently finished up an awesome 10-day devotional series by Hillsong revolving around the point that my spirit is my responsibility. One of the most important things I learned from that lil study is the fact that if I allow sin to take hold of my spirit, it will pollute it, and if my spirit is polluted, then my [spiritual] gift is polluted.

HOMIES, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately! Like I said earlier, it’s always hard for me to admit that I am, in fact, not perfect and struggle with flaws and sins daily (especially on this wildly popular blog where the entire internet can see just how imperfect Llama really is). However, I’m admitting it, y’all: I’ve let my sins take hold of my spirit, and I’ve let them pollute my spirit. I’ve allowed bitterness to get the best of me. I’ve allowed pride to get the best of me, and now, I know that I’m reaping what I’ve sowed because I can feel the adverse affects of those sins on my spirit. And GUYS, I don’t want my spirit to be polluted! I don’t want these sins to continue weighing me down and hurting my friendships! I feel like a very agonized Paul in Romans 7 when he exclaimed, “Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death?” (v. 24, NLT)

But Y’ALL, this afternoon, in the midst of all my furious journaling and agonizing over my burdens of sin and weary, polluted spirit, I remembered, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28, NIV) And then ensued a broken-hearted Llama crying out for God to give her REST from these sins that were weighing her down.

I could go to the gym every day for the rest of my life (which I most certainly will not be doing), and I would never be strong enough to carry the weight of my sins on my own – which is why I am so incredibly thankful that I have a God that is willing to carry my load. I am so thankful that God made such a merciful and graceful sacrifice that freed me from having to overcome my sins, because I will never rise above them on my own.

So yeah, I’ve been struggling lately. My heart and my spirit have been hurting beneath the weight of my own sins – but they don’t have to be. I ain’t gotta carry this heavy sin, y’all, because I have a Savior who already carried it all for me, and I have a God who provides rest to His children. //

I don’t post heart-to-heart truths like this very often; I’m usually much more consumed with trying to manipulate my social media to make myself seem as though I am literally perfect and have everything together and labeled. However, God has worked in my heart so much lately, and if I didn’t use this blog to share His glory then I would probably be wasting internet space (“internet space”). So, it was nice to have a little dose of honesty around here.

Therefore, expect an extra dose of humor on the next post.

(Just kidding, I’m not even funny.)

P.S. Check out the 10-day Hillsong devotional series I referenced earlier! I would give it a solid 10/10.


Recent developments in Llama’s life:

  • I’ve taken to referring to myself in the third person as “Llama.”
  • Ya girl made all A’s last semester! College isn’t even hard. *laughs/cries*
  • I’ve taken up cross-stitching! (Roomie made fun of me all last semester for it, but guess who’s cross-stitchin’ now?????? YUP, there’s a stitcher in everyone.)
  • Also, I’m a vegetarian now, but I’m really bad at it. Like, sometimes I eat chicken and don’t even realize until 20 minutes after-the-fact that chicken is meat.
  • Mumford and Sons announced a new album and dropped two dope singles – which is more a development in their lives rather than mine, but I would say my life has been changed for the better because of this development.
  • I’m going to ENGLAND, y’all.

And in other news, my eyebrows are still on fleek, my boyfriend still tolerates me, and God is still good. It’s been, like, a couple of years since this blog has gotten some lovin’ so I had to get those formalities out of the way. I haven’t posted a real-life blog post in so long that I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten how to do it. However, I’ve reconciled myself to writing actual blog posts (no matter how terrible) rather than writing sad half-posts that will never graduate from drafts to posts. Like, seriously, my “drafts” folder is gloomily overstuffed, and I need to put a stop to that madness.

Life has been so crazy/fun/stressful/GOOD lately, and I can’t just not share it – OKAY, my knee just bumped into the bottom of the tabletop, and there is definitely an old piece of chewed-up gum stuck on my leg now. FREAKING OUT. HOLD ON.

Okay, crisis averted. (But, look, I just wanna say that if you stick your gum onto the bottom of tables, you need to not.)

Where was I? Alright, well, basically, life has been so jam-packed with awesomeness lately, and it deserves to be SHARED! My family, boyfriend, “SQUAD,” college, and God are all providing me with new blessings every day, and even though Llamalindsey is read by little more than those people, those blessings are so worthy of being shared for everyone to read about.

SO, sharing is coming! (Not now, though… it’s definitely time to procrastinate with some good ‘ole cross-stitchin’.) This blog is gonna get some serious lovin’, and it sure is about time.

Llama is back, y’all.

Musical Wisdom

I may absolutely loathe my music appreciation class, but you know what I don’t loathe and actually appreciate???? Yup, MUSIC. So, I thought that I would bank on the extra hour of sleep I’m getting tonight, stay up a little later, and share with y’all some of my very super awesome favorite songs. Some of these songs I discovered through movies, some through commercials, some through friends, some through watching strangers’ cheesy wedding videos on the Internet (one of mine and my roommate’s favorite pastimes).

Just so y’all know, I am a VERY poor decision maker, and there was a shameful amount of time and thought put into making this list. I started questioning everything: “Does this song really qualify as one of my FAVORITES?” Luckily, I got through that struggle and compiled a list of what are arguably the greatest songs ever gifted to humanity. Hold on tight, guys.

stand by me / ben e. king | unmatched. unrivaled. unparalleled. CLASSIC.

all i want / kodaline | how was such a beautiful song even conceived????

whisper / the dear hunter | newest obsession.

my body / young the giant | newest-er obsession.

bad blood / taylor swift | LOVE 1989. I’ve never been a crazy Swiftie, but I love the new direction she has taken with this new album. Bad Blood is easily my favorite song from the album.

hawaiian roller coaster ride / lilo & stitch soundtrack | no one can object to this song’s magical happiness.

the boxer / jerry douglas feat. mumford & sons (but really just mumford) | they make simon and garfunkel irrelevant.

build your kingdom here / rend collective | a mastery with the perfect amount of zing and pep.

riptide / vance joy | OVERDOSE ON ZING AND PEP

rivers and roads / the head and the heart | no zing and pep, and if you’re a high school senior, it might make you cry… but that’s okay.

amazing grace (my chains are gone) / chris tomlin | an amazing song. (get it????)

no angels / bastille feat. ella eyre | try not to focus on the fact that a near 30 year old man is belting TLC lyrics. trust me, it’s great.

skinny love / birdy | a fantastic rendition of skinny love

come on eileen / dexy’s midnight runners | a nonsensical classic

in the still of the night / the five satins | a doo-wop sensation

dead sea / the lumineers | i fell in love with the lumineers the way you fall asleep… slowly, then all at once.

somewhere only we know / keane | proudly discovered this song in a winnie the pooh commercial.

cavalier / james vincent mcmorrow | this man has graced the world with his beautiful voice. (ps, i made a really weird music video to this song last year, and y’all should check it out at

OCEANS / hillsong united | are you even a Christian if you don’t like this song????????????????????????????????????????

till kingdom come / coldplay | found this gem in the amazing spiderman, and the kingdom which it speaks of came february 25, 2013.

i have decided to follow jesus | best hymn in the books. it’s fantastic no matter who sings it, but i’m partial to phil wickham.

I think that’s all that I have for now, friends. There’s a 83.4% chance that I forgot a song, but that’s alright! I’m sure that my musical tastebuds will continue to evolve, and one day I’ll probably look back at this post in disgust at my current musical taste. I can’t wait. But for now, I hope that my musical wisdom has INSPIRED many of you friends!

more musical wisdom to come,


The Search for College Lindsey

Good afternoon, my readers! Llamalindsey is back at last!

In case you can’t tell by that lame intro, I never know how to start these things (these “posts” on this “blog”). Maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged in, like, over a month. By the way, I’m truly sorry for leaving y’all hanging like that. I have found that college leaves little time or mental capacity for blogging (or I’m just not willing to sacrifice nap time for blog time), but nonetheless, I’m going to do my best to come to you guys with stories and chatter and everything in between!

I’ve just begun my 10th week of college, and let me tell ya, lots has happened in those 10 weeks. You got a preview of those happenings in my last post (assuming I have real-life readers actually keeping up with this blog), but I think that God has been doing too much in my life for me to not write a follow-up post. Like David said in Psalm 23:5, my cup overflows with blessings (21st century version: His blessings wrap around me like a burrito). God has been so good to me, and it would probably be an injustice to Him to not proclaim my thankfulness. The transition from High School Lindsey to College Lindsey would not have been so smooth had the Lord not been my guiding light through the darkness.

The part about that transition from high school to college that I have personally found the most difficult is finding a “place” – your niche, where you fit in, etc. There is, like, a Mt. Everest sized amount of pressure put on incoming freshmen to make friends and do so quickly, and this is what tripped me up when I got to college. I was torn between wanting to be where God wanted me to be and wanting to fit in and have lots of friends. I found out about a “service sorority” on campus and immediately thought yaaaaaas! This is where I’m supposed to be! I thought this sorority was my way to the world. I was going to have lots of friends (nay, SISTAS), I was going to have a “big,” AND I was going to get to be a goody two-shoes while doing it all! I was GIDDY with excitement.

Of course, I don’t think God really saw it that way because after that stressful week of recruitment I ended up not getting a bid from the sorority. Ouch. Following this was an influx of self-pity: Why didn’t they like me? What’s wrong with me? What do those girls have that I don’t? (Obviously, handling rejection isn’t really one of my strong suits.) Eventually, I just had to come to terms with the fact that God didn’t want me to be in that sorority. I was (still am) pretty bummed that I didn’t get that opportunity, but I think God has got me covered.

Just kidding, I know He’s got me covered. That ship may have sailed on, but God has since blessed me in abundance. IN ABUNDANCE, Y’ALL. Firstly, He gave me a pretty awesome roomie. Her name is Lydia, and her favorite color is purple, which is pretty fitting for a Lydia. I was worried that she would smell really bad, but thankfully, she doesn’t. Most of the time, anyways. (Kidding!) Secondly, I have THE most awesome Bible Study in the UNIVERSE. SEE PICTURE!

Bible study or upcoming girl pop phenomenon? Time will tell. (Photo creds to one of my really cool B-Stud leaders SAWYER SMITH. She has a blog somewhere! Check it out!)
Bible study or upcoming girl pop phenomenon? Time will tell. (Photo creds to one of my really cool B-Stud leaders, SAWYER SMITH! She has a blog somewhere! Check it out!)

In high school, I had a small group that I loved to death, and I’m so happy that in college I get that small group experience once more. But yeah, I love my Bible study BUNCHES. We’re, like, really conceptual. Really.

I’m not sure why exactly God closed the door to that sorority, but I’m thankful that He never closes one door without opening another. I’ve gotten to grow closer to my roommate who inspires me with her pure heart and loyalty to Him; I’ve gotten to study His Word with several amazing B-Stud girls. I’ve also had the opportunity to get really involved with a campus ministry, Cru (which is how I got hooked up with my Bible study!). I loooooooooove Cru. (The first time I went to Cru and I saw the multitude of Chaco-clad feet amongst the “Oceans”-singing crowd, I knew I had found my people.)

So yeah, I had a hard time figuring out who College Lindsey was supposed to be. Turns out she’s just High School Lindsey with more friends and harder classes (and meaner professors). But here’s the thing about College Lindsey and High School Lindsey: they’re both children of God, and that’s the identity that will never change. Maybe that’s what God has been trying to teach me: that my identity isn’t found in what pack I run with, it’s found in Him. I can get rejected by all the sororities in the world (something I could totally pull off), but my value and my identity wouldn’t change one bit because that stuff doesn’t define me. That was a difficult lesson to learn in this world that screams the exact opposite, that only cares about what letters you wear, who your friends are, what parties you go to. However, I’m thankful that I learned this early on in my college experience, and I’m thankful that I have value and love that can never be altered by the things of this world.

So yeah, I think I’ll be alright, even without a sorority.

However, will I ever learn how to really do my laundry the right way? Looks sketchy.

More College Lindsey adventures to come,


llama’s declassified college survival guide

Hello, blogging world! Man, it’s been a while. I’m sure that you guys were worried sick about me! (Right??????????) Well, don’t worry too much, dear readers. I have not succumbed to the precarious college wilderness (yet).

When y’all last heard from me, I was giddy with excitement as I was preparing to embark on my new college adventure. It’s been, like, 5ever since that blog post, and since then, I’ve been to nearly four weeks worth of college classes! Obviously, four weeks of college has made me a college-survival expert, so I will share with you my general observations, comments and remarks, and nuggets of wisdom.

Therefore, without further ado, I present to thee Llamalindsey’s Declassified College Survival Guide. Or something like that.

(Disclaimer: I am not even a little qualified to write this “survival guide.”)

1. “High school will prepare you for college.”

Or nah.

Nothing about high school prepares you for anything about college. Be prepared for that.

2. People say that college is like this:


But in reality, it’s not really as hard as they say it is. College seemed daunting and intimidating at first, but I was totally psyching myself out. I mean, guys, it’s definitely possible to have your cake and eat it too (which is great because I love cake).

3. Community bathrooms are super fun because girls shed more than dogs. However, that’s no excuse for you to just pull your hair out and throw it around the showers willy-nilly! Don’t be that girl.

4. Advisor: “For every one hour you spend in class, you should spend two hours studying outside of class.”



(All I’m sayin’ is that you don’t need to spend almost 6 hours a week studying for music appreciation.)

5. I didn’t even rush, but I’m pretty sure a prerequisite for joining any sorority is owning a Lilly Pulitzer dress.

6. The washing machine will eat your quarters and sometimes your socks, and it will make you angry. Therefore, always bring extra quarters and wash your favorite socks at home.

7. “You’re in college! You should date around!”





8. Netflix? Nope. Youtube? Nope. The internet? Nope. Wifi? noPE. Learn to live without these luxuries because university wifi will consistently let you down.

9. I have deduced that college males do not vary in sophistication from that of high school males. Also, college males in Vineyard Vines t-shirts do not vary in sophistication from that of college males in reasonably-priced t-shirts. Don’t be fooled.

10. “Make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night!”



11. The freshman 15 is realer than real, and you’re probably going to overdose on soft-serve ice cream from the cafeteria. That’s okay.

12. However, you will regret the soft-serve ice cream after you walk from one end of campus to the other in 15 minutes and feel like this:


13. If someone offers you a free coupon book, DO NOT QUESTION IT. If a random stranger says, “Hey baby, have a coupon book.” TAKE IT. YOU ARE A POOR COLLEGE KID, AND YOU NEED THOSE COUPONS.

Well, that’s about all the advice and survival tips I have to give tonight. I do hope that you are going to leave this blog better equipped to tackle the college beast. If not, that’s not really my problem. (I mean, I am only in my fourth week of classes.)

For my friendly imaginary readers, college life has been a swell life thus far! I’m excited for the great things that God is going to do in my life here at Western. (It’d be cool if He would give me a heads up, though, ya feel?) Anyways, I probably have some homework that needs to be finished or something, so it’s time bring this post to a close.

More survival tips and college nonsense to come,


Cheers! (Not the Alcoholic Kind)

Guys. School starts tomorrow!


My face is exfoliated, my eyebrows are plucked, my syllabi are read (sort of), my backpack is stocked (with snacks), and my alarm is set. I. Am. Pumped. Tomorrow, I will be an actual real-life college student with real-life college classes and real-life (scary) college professors, and tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have real-life college blisters after running from one end of campus to the other in fifteen minutes. I’m anticipating that these college courses will be like a breath of fresh air after four years of being trapped in a prison-like high school for 7 hours a day. (However, I haven’t actually started classes yet. I may blog tomorrow about how horrendous college is… updates to come.)

And of course, coming hand-in-hand with my first day excitement would be the infamous first day jitters. A subtle anxiety is coursing through my blood as I type these words, an anxiety that constantly asks questions like “What if I can’t get that 3.5?” and “What if I hate social work?” and “What do I do if I have to go to the bathroom during class?” (To be honest, I’m most stressed about the latter.) All of these questions are buzzing around in my head, but I think I’ll be able to sleep easy tonight knowing that Jesus has got my back every step of the way.

Truthfully, I ask myself nearly every day if I’m even sort of cut out for a life and career filled with constantly serving and loving other people, and sometimes I wear myself out with stress and worry for the road ahead of me. Deep down, though, I know that it doesn’t matter whether I’m cut out to be a social worker or not because God is going to give me the strength and skills I need to do what He has planned for me to do, and I know that He will mold me in accordance to His will. Even though I’m slightly terrified of the future that awaits me, I know that I am doing what He has called me to do, and I find comfort in that because God sort of knows what He’s doing. (Sort of.)

(Just kidding.) (He, like, legitimately does know.) (Legitimately.)

Anywho, I think it’s about time for me to end this post because my roommate just went to sleep, and I don’t want to be that roommate who’s obnoxiously writing a wannabe-hipster Christian blog post at midnight. Yeah, I definitely don’t want to be that roommate. 

For all of my fellow college students also starting new classes tomorrow, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Cheers to the new year! 




A “New Chapter”

So over two weeks after she posts her introductory blurb that’s not actually a real blog post, she finally decides to write a real actual legitimate blog post?


For all of y’all who were wondering where the h*ck I was (I’m talkin’ to you, readers I don’t actually have), I have been occupying myself with the wild world that is college. I am a lost puppy in this world. I’ve been an official college gal for three whole days now, and the sense of cluelessness still hasn’t worn off. I have no idea where the trash compacter is, I’m still not really sure how the WiFi works, and I also haven’t quite tackled the skill of unlocking your door without standing there for a whole two minutes afterwards trying to yank your key out the lock.

However, I did figure out where the Panda Express is on campus. It’s not all bad.

(Side note: seriously y’all, if it wasn’t for the major hill I have to hike up to get to my classes, the freshman 15 would hit me so hard. After construction is all wrapped up, I’ll be living literally within 100 yards of both a Steak ‘n’ Shake AND a Chick-fil-a. I have no self control.)

Anyways, aside from being a discombobulated freshman, the college life has been treating me well. I’ve bonded with my roommate and other floor mates, I’ve met and learned the hometown and major of approximately 12358945 other freshman, I’ve eaten a 69 cent donut, and I’ve signed up for every single event I’ve gotten an email about (this could actually not be a good thing). I’ve also ensured that my dorm has optimal feng shui, as you can see:

Here's a sweet panorama of cozy little room 404, featuring my lovely roommate Lydia.
Here’s a sweet panorama of cozy little room 404, featuring my lovely roommate Lydia.
A look into my darling little side of the room.
A look into my darling little side of the room.
As you can see, I busied myself the weeks prior to move-in with various crafts. (I am a Pinterest-addicted loser.)
As you can see, I busied myself the weeks prior to move-in with various crafts. (I am a Pinterest-addicted loser.)
Christmas lights, Kentucky decor, and a world map: basic.
Christmas lights, Kentucky decor, and a world map: basic.


My closet will most likely never again look this neat.
My closet will most likely never again look this neat.

Well friends, that’s about it for the happenings of my life. College college college. It’s a crazy new time for me, and I’m sure that the craziest has yet to come. I guess this is, like, a “new chapter of my life” or something lame like that. In all honesty though, College Lindsey doesn’t seem any different than High School Lindsey. (Thank God that Middle School Lindsey is a girl of the past, though.)

More adventures and 69 cent donuts to come.


Here Goes Nothing

Alrighty, folks. Let’s cut the chit-chat and get down to business.

This is a blog. (Yes, the name of said blog is llamalindsey, which is kind of really weird, but just go with it.)

My name is Lindsey, and I’m the crazy mastermind behind this blog. I don’t really know what I’m doing at all, to be honest. I could have read a couple of “Blogging for Dummies” articles before I started this, but winging it is always just so much more fun. (Yet does it yield the best results? Time will tell.) Since it has now become obvious that I am completely unqualified to be a blogger, you’re probably wondering why I created this blog in the first place.

Well, that is a fantastic question, my friend. We’ll come back to that later. (Maybe.)

I can’t really promise that you’ll gain anything by reading any of my blog posts. Some of them will be completely and entirely nonsensical, and some of them will be serious and thought-provoking. Some of my posts may be on completely different ends of the blogging spectrum (if there even is a blogging spectrum) that you may wonder if I have some sort of extreme personality disorder, and I can semi-assure you that that is not the case.

In all actuality, my friends, I’m just your basic 18 year old girl, trekking through what I reckon is one of the most important, and most difficult, times of my life. Life is confusing, and life is crazy. Maybe blogging about it will help me figure it out. (Where did that logic come from, might you ask? Beats me.)

So, to answer your question that I told you we would maybe come back to: I created this blog so that I might have a small place where I can ramble, rant, tell bad jokes, contemplate, and talk talk talk talk talk. I suppose I could have just bought a diary, but then I’d miss out on the chance to share my thoughts and experiences with you good people (assuming there are good people reading this blog… or any people at all). Hopefully this blog will put a smile on your face, overflow with the pure love of Jesus, and come across as at least sort of intelligent. (If not, then what can I say, I was public schooled.)

Well, that’s it for now, kiddos. There will be plenty more nonsense to come.